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Rainer Fetting
Internal communication

In 2014, esteemed German artist Rainer Fetting approached Lucid to create and design a project and art management software. Mr. Fetting required a system with the capacity to itemize and allocate his artworks, in addition to functioning as a personal and professional contact database.  

Rainer Fetting and Desmond Cadogan

Optimizing Workflow

With the wide availability of art management tools on the market, it was important to keep Oeuvre as user-friendly and as flexible to the clients’ needs as possible. As a system, the software works as both a content management and workflow optimization tool. Each artwork is listed by category, and accessible through the use of an advanced search engine. Once selected, the artwork can be assigned to one specific, or multiple different lists, with the option of exporting in PDF format. Should the client desire a public webpage, the system also permits content to be published from within Oeuvre and its database.

The list feature functions as one of the most important elements of the system by structuring the entire archive into smaller more manageable groups. Each list is created to serve a specific option such as preparing exhibition catalogues, managing clients and purchasing requests, or organizing thematic directories. To further maintain organization, this principle is extended to the contact database making it simple to select and export a specific contact or address for print labels or invitation groups.



The software is accessible by multiple users through a web interface, with a different role or permission granted depending on the user. For example, an employee may be given full-access, where as a collector may be granted access to only one individual list containing specific information. 


Tailored to Clients’ Needs

The Oeuvre system is adaptable to any database requiring organization or archiving. Simple information architecture makes usability and familiarization of the product quick and effortless. Unlike many content management systems, only features relevant or specific to the client are integrated into the customizable software, making the system practical for both business and personal ventures.