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Public delivery of transparent information, including key topics and issues, can be difficult with traditional political communications. Public involvement in the debate on future political and social conditions is only possible through public awareness of procedures, risks, and core relationships. But in order to ensure public contribution toward solutions, the general population must be educated in an interesting and engaging way.

Here at Lucid we recognize the most important issues are often the most complex. Our animations combine attractive imagery, and a high concentration of condensed information; addressing not only the issue, but the viewer directly. We at Lucid call this approach didactic reduction, or “simplexity”. By combining design, motion picture, music, and narration, understanding becomes an experience rather than a challenge. This formula of condensed information conveys the message clearly and concisely - reaching and educating a broader spectrum.


Animation on European Union agricultural policy



Animation on food safety


Animation on waste of food - 2014


Animation on waste of food - 2015