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Alacris Theranostics
Corporate Design

Alacris Theranostics is a pioneer in the field of Next Generation Sequencing based medical treatment. ModCell™, their patented modeling system, originally developed at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, uses cutting-edge technology and analysis to develop personalized medical treatment for cancer and other terminal diseases. With the help of virtual patients and clinic trials, this method compares individual DNA and cancer cells to thousands of existing cases. The result is a life saving 80% accuracy in prognostics.

Working together with Alacris Theranostics, Lucid designed infographics and promotional material aimed at influencing medical practitioners, pharmaceutical representatives, patients and their families to trust the research and life saving results of personalized medication.  


Illustration of a DNA




Generic Cancer Modell examplified in a cell graphic



Process infographic: Alacris patient information flyer



Data collected to calculate the virtual patient



The ModCell procedure