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Challenge Grid Expansion

Education, Energy transition, Climate
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Analysis, Corporate Design, Web- & intranet applications, Infographics

The energy revolution in Germany is causing significant changes in the areas of energy production and consumption. In order to secure a reliable energy supply, industries, policy enforcers, and network operators are actively pushing for much needed rapid expansion. Yet changes of such magnitude, impact and involve more than just those at the source. Environmental groups are taking action by warning against the intrusion of these power lines on nature and the eco-system. Farmers are fighting back against the impairment of their property. Citizens are concerned about their quality of life and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In order to construct a high voltage network as both socially and ecologically sustainable, it is imperative to balance all interests.

Here at Lucid we understand that balance is a result of collective knowledge. By creating visually engaging, informative infographics, we are able to provide crucial facts and statistics in a highly comprehensive format. By simultaneously focusing on all impacted areas of involvement, both stakeholders and citizens alike have the power to address this challenge responsibly.



 Microsite showing all infographics of the project


DIN A1 poster showing energy policy, technical, financial and planning aspects, including new approaches to citizen participation.