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Children and Armed Conflict

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Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
App Development, Design, Concept

As a network of international non-governmental organisations, the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict dedicates effort to monitoring and protecting children in global war zones. By collecting and disseminating information on worldwide violations against children, the organisation works to implement global child protection policies, directly with the UN Security Council.

In 2012, Lucid worked together with Watchlist to make their extensive documentation and complicated legal language accessible and user-friendly through digitization. Thanks to this user-friendly app, policymakers can now quickly reference everything ranging from the legal framework of the agenda to the mandatory CAAC language. An RSS feed provides news and direct access to data on the current situation in each country, and child protection fieldworkers can use the app offline to quickly access documents, case advice, and a training tool to self-evaluate their knowledge. 

The App content is available in English, French, and Arabic. In 2018, a major update including a new section, and a technical addition to align with new operating systems will be implemented. Users will benefit from the pop-up function, and additionally, the training tool will be translated in French and Arabic. 

Currently, the app is being used in 80 countries worldwide by officials, policy-makers and humanitarian workers in the field.

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