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Discover the Heinrich Böll Foundation!

Foreign policy, Participation, Education, Europe, Women's human rights, Global networks, Climate, Arts, Human rights, Social policy
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Web- & intranet applications, Photography & illustration

By definition The Heinrich Boell Foundation is a political non-profit organization striving to promote democracy, equality and environmental sustainability worldwide. Beyond this explanation, a more important question remains: What exactly does Heinrich Böll Foundation do? To answer this question, we enlisted the mind of brilliant illustrator Frank Höhne. With the help of Frank's imaginative illustrations, our Lucid team was able to create an innovative and informative website. The creative concept, includes the combination of imagery with non-traditional navigation, and provides a unique look at the complex issues touched upon by the organization.

Without further adieu, we invite you to Discover the Boell Foundation! 

Discover Boell


Startscreen and global network of the foundation



Illustration on climate policy



Illustration about "strenghtening democracy"



Illustration on education policies



Illustration on economic policy



The website on tablet computers