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Global Prevention of Aggression

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The “Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression” is a platform focused on criminalizing the illegal use of force through the ratification and implementation of the Kampala agreement into the constitutions of all UN member states. Founded in 1996 by Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials, and his son, Donald Ferencz, an attorney and advocate for international justice, the organization is used as a cooperative platform for governments interested in actively working toward the exposure of international crimes of aggression.

Designed and programmed by Lucid, the “Crimes of Aggression” website in association with the “Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression”, is an informative platform providing explanations, legal guidelines, and relevant dates of action. With direct access to key communications including relevant news and useful learning tools, the website serves as a major step in the public education.