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No Spyware for Dictators

Foreign policy, Human rights, Spyware
The Greens/European Free Alliance
Corporate Design, Web- & intranet applications

In countries where citizens expressing conflicting views are monitored, persecuted, deported, or even executed, access to communication networks and resources remains limited and often dangerous. Software solutions enabling social and political regimes to exercise this kind of control are weapons against civil freedoms and rights. Unfortunately, many of these digital weapons are programmed in Germany and the EU. The software is traded effortlessly without control and/or international export restrictions.

Efforts to permanently ban this software at both a national and European level are led by “The Greens” initiative. For their position in the European Parliament, Lucid developed an innovative information platform. This platform is developed around an interactive world map highlighting the key countries participating in the importing/exporting activities.




Interactive map showing the spyware exporting country (Italy) and human rights violations