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Safe Access to Firewood

Education, Health, Food, Human rights, UN
Inter-Agency Standing Committee (UN)
App Development, Design, Concept

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), established in 1992, focuses on strengthening the coordination of humanitarian assistance. In refugee camps, food from humanitarian aid must be cooked properly before it is eaten. To do this, safe access to firewood and alternative energies are imperative. Through the use of a decision tree diagram, SAFE Task Force provides a comprehensive and cross-sectoral guidance on the needs and challenges of cooking fuel for humanitarians.

In 2012, together with SAFE Task Force, Lucid developed an app concept to simplify and digitise the use of the aforementioned guide. The tools included in this app, guide humanitarian actors through the various steps and sectors involved in evaluating, designing and implementing an appropriate and safe cooking strategy. The app’s main tools intuitively guide users through the decision tree diagrams and a corresponding Matrix. With it, the app provides frameworks, guidelines and implementation strategies, according to users current context. In addition, a news section and library are available, while an e-learning tool helps users with diagrams usage.

Because the data can be accessed offline, the app serves as a valuable tool, providing relevant information and guidance for all humanitarian workers, particularly those stationed in the field. 

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