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Federal Foreign Office Bertelsmann Foundation

On September 18th, 2012, former German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, arranged a conference emphasizing the importance of embracing Europe in trying times. Supported and broadcast by Arte TV and Deutschlandfunk, the symposium, appropriately titled The Value of Europe, set out to paint a positive, yet realistic picture of European identity and unity. 

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Common of most administrative meetings, ministers and political figures took to the podium, but in an effort to gain true insight on the state of the European Union the forum opened the floor to public questions and opinions. Rather than romanticize the current EU situation, the forum addressed previous and current mistakes, examining how these errors should be used to strengthen the future of Europe.

A Visual Identity for Europe

Lucid was approached by the Bertelsmann Foundation to create a visual identity for the conference. Like the forum, the branding needed to represent the idea of European reinvention in a subtle yet powerful way. The concept began with a photo of torn paper; the physical idea of unwrapping layers, symbolized the theme of breaking through to a better future for Europe. Unanimous acceptance of the idea, and a short timeframe led to an extremely succinct design process. Working from the original concept photo, along with designer Sam Oswick, two fonts were created. On the exterior layer, a more traditional typeface, tearing into the interior and exposing modern, bold lettering. The golden color was chosen, in contrast to bureaucratic blue, to give a warm feeling while still alluding to economic value. In the end, the visual was designed in German, English, and French, and adapted to backdrops, signage, programs, bags, folders, pencils, notepads, and even a paper clip.

On the exterior layer, a more traditional typeface, tearing into the interior and exposing modern, bold lettering.


Foto Anna Dabrowski


Strengthening the Message

The design provided visual understanding of the key issues and ideas addressed during the conference, and evoked an emotional response among conference participants. Unlike traditional administrative logos, the visual worked to strengthen the message of conference by promoting enthusiasm and passion among speakers and attendees alike.