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Illustrations serve to illustrate: that is, they make otherwise complicated situations understandable. Often illustrations depict situations or issues in ways that makes us think. By evoking the question “What if?”, a simple illustration has the power to shift paradigms. Through imagination and hyperbole, illustrations turn reality into fantasy - and often back again. Here at Lucid we are fortunate enough to see the “power of illustration” on a daily basis. With our talented network of artists, subjects are captured in ways previously unimagined. Here we take a look a few highly impressive examples of such skills.  


European Economists

Illustration: Andrea Ventura


Uniting economists from over the past 2500 years is not an easy task. But illustrator Andrea Ventura, was able to immortalize everyone from Aristotle to Hayek on just a single canvas. This depiction has since become the permanent cover image for various economic publications in association with the “Europe’s Future” program of the Bertelsmann Foundation.  


Animated Illustration


lllustration: Frank Höhne


These days political and social representation requires more than dramatic press photos or targeted PR images. With the help of artist Frank Hoehne, we at Lucid were able to develop a series of animated illustrations depicting a more “in depth” view of controversial social issues and key social developments. Since then, the "Discover the Boell Foundation" web special has become a benchmark for online illustrations with an impact.  


Germany, Poland and Russia


Illustration: Ulli Keil


What do Germans think of their neighbors in the East? This question was the topic of a survey carried out by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Designed by Ulli Keil, her clever illustration shows the state of a triangular relationship between Germans, Poles and Russians. It facilitates a humorous approach to the study and subject.  


What’s the State of Democracy in Europe?



Illustration: Florian Bayer


In June 2013, the Kingdom of the Netherlands invited European experts to a workshop at the Berlin Embassy entitled “What is Going Wrong in Europe and How Can We Change It”? Lucid sent Florian Bayer to sketch the conference events. The final result is a fusion of reality, abstraction, and caricature in the style of a comic book.


Illustration: Florian Bayer