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Who is Rescuing Whom & Why?

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Bertelsmann Foundation
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Solutions are derived from public understanding, and for no issue has there been a greater need for public understanding than EU sovereign debt crisis. Beginning in 2008, questions concerning the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis and subsequent global recession began to surface. How could these seemingly localized issues impact the Euro Zone so drastically? Could refuge be sought in major financial institutions? Where was the international response to Europe’s cry for help?

The Euro - the Banks - the Dept Crisis

Until 2010, these questions remained unanswered for the vast majority. At Lucid we know the best way to determine valuable solutions is by providing thought provoking information. In our explanatory animation, “Who is Rescuing Whom and Why?”, we put focus on clarifying what remains at stake for Europe as a whole.

We concentrated on understanding the possibility of a fragmented Europe, considering the major economic and political destabilization such reform would cause. By shifting perspective to more positive elements, such as the steady rise of public exchange in the European economy, we aimed to address and ease the greater anxiety. This contribution to a better understanding of the Euro debt crisis is a crucial step in the ongoing process of public education and awareness.