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Mission Statement

00Complex projects require clarity to effect meaningful change

Lucid.Studio partners with organisations to design digital processes and mediums that enable them to achieve their goals with lasting impact.

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Workline 01

01A strategic approach to complex challenges

Our digital processes equip visionary organisations with the tools they need to achieve their goals in an interconnected world.

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Workline 02

02Digital processes with a tangible impact

Guided by our findings, we design digital applications, mediums and methodologies that enable our clients to create real-world change.

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03Mutually enriching partnerships

From concept development to delivery, we work in close collaboration with our clients to provide insight and guidance at each stage of the journey.


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Team and Office


A multi-disciplinary and talented team is behind our success. We all share a common value: do something positive for the world we live in.

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Close up photo of Lucid.Studio office with focus on design couch and vintage carpet.
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Interior photo of Lucid.Studio office, the space is very light, with white bricks and massive supportive wooden beams.
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We always welcome your outreach, whether its new business, job opportunities or to just say hi. Except for random marketing calls. We hate those (or at least pronounce our name right).

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  • hqHaus 8.1
    Herzbergstraße 40—43
    D-10365 Berlin

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