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Current focus areas of our work:

  • Girls Rights
  • Emissions Trading systems
  • Digitisation of Education 
  • Energytransition 
  • Europe's Future Polls
  • Foreign Cultural Relations
  • Human Rights 
  • ICT in Development and Cooperation
  • Impact Investment
  • Inclusive Growth 
  • Social Inclusion



The Case for Climate Diplomacy: A Talk with Alexander Carius

As climate change increasingly becomes a growing global concern, the importance of integrating the topic into international relations and foreign policy is no longer an option. Long gone are the days of addressing climate change separately from development, trade, finance or foreign affairs, and many governments and administrations are rightly beginning to accept the fact that climate diplomacy simply must be forefront on the agenda.

Renewable Revolution

It is no secret green energy is the way of the future. Renewables like wind and solar energy provide substantial benefits for our climate, health, and economy that can no longer be ignored. While many countries continue to rely on coal, oil, and natural gas for their energy production, countries like Germany are leading the way in making the switch to a more sustainable future.