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About us

Mission Statement

Lucid. Berlin develops strategies and media solutions for global challenges. We are committed to implementing influential measures for sustainable change. Our projects aim to promote cultural and social action, scientific and academic advancement, and sustainable economic activity.


We Offer Solutions for Sustainability 

To create a sustainable future, we believe it is critical to develop and transform our communication tools and systems for long-term success. Since 2010 we have been setting ourselves apart from the agency standard, by developing solutions with integrated approaches. The concepts and strategies we generate are backed by the expert knowledge and research of our network, and put into practice with a focus on achieving sustainable change. From analysis and strategy, right through to design and programing – we deliver solutions with impactful results.  


Not Without Our Team

We are fortunate to work with a top-notch group of experts both in-house, and within our network. Together we are an international team of capable, motivated people who share a wide array of skills, expertise, and interests. We take care to ensure our employees are given a suitable environment to thrive both personally and professionally, and believe a sustainable work/life balance must be maintained in order to guarantee the best for our clients.