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Informative Analysis

At Lucid, we believe the level and capacity to analyze a topic, directly relates to the success of a project. By developing empirical studies, workshops and conferences, in cooperation with leading foundations, organizations and institutions, we are able to formulate comprehensive methods of research and data collection. 

Comprehensive methods of research

By focusing not only on the key positions of a project, but also involving interdisciplinary related topics in our research, we minimize the risk of blindly developing a concept or idea. We base concepts on evidence and inspiration drawn from preliminary research in addition to our own previous experience.

Didactic reduction and organization of data

When implemented at the initial stages of concept development, this process enables us to create impactful strategies and solutions upon delivery. 

  • Research of qualitative content and data
  • Designing and conducting workshops
  • Optimizing internal workflow
  • Internal and external communications
  • Communications Management
  • Communications Technology
  • Use and impact of communications services
  • International Communications Markets